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Cleansing Ritual

A major component to any good skincare routine is having a cleanser. Cleansers are a way to dissolve the grime and grit after a long day and can be a great way to unwind. Like a lot of aspects of my self care routines, I’ve made an effort to slow them down and treat them as rituals. By acting with this intention, the act of cleaning off the day is more than just physical, it becomes a way to check in and wipe the slate clean at the end of the day.

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Lighting the Way

As you may have gathered, I’m a very sensory person. Look, touch, feel, taste and sound affect me on another level. It’s something that comes from many parts of who I am. Grounding my senses by focusing on each of them has become a huge part of what keeps me bright in times of darkness. Today’s post is about creating that light both physically and mentally.

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My FAVORITE Face Masks

I’m talking about the me-time kind. The “Well this has been a week–I better just relax now” kind. One of the first things I think about when it comes to skincare is spa type treatments like face masks. From pre-teen land on, the most self indulgent moments are usually pictured with a nice mask treatment […]

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My Favorite Vitamin C Serums

I thought I’d start my first of many skincare write-ups about the wonder skin booster: VITAMIN C SERUM. You may have read or heard the many claims this potent antioxidant has under its belt. Now I’m no scientist nor do I claim to know more than an esthetician or dermatologist on the matter but it […]

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These past few months have taken some getting used to. I know, understatement much. Everyone is finding ways to cope and adapt. Depending on where your head was at in time “pre-pandemic” you may be finding it hard to unwind. I’ve taken various methods to heart. From scheduling my days to finding ways to reconnect […]

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Allow me to Introduce Myself

Hi there, my name is Asta and I am an award winning actress & filmmaker based in New York City. In case you were wondering: I have my Sun in Scorpio, my Moon is in Cancer and my Ascending sign is in Aquarius—if you’re into that (which I sincerely hope you are). I currently reside in […]

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