My Favorite Vitamin C Serums

I thought I’d start my first of many skincare write-ups about the wonder skin booster: VITAMIN C SERUM. You may have read or heard the many claims this potent antioxidant has under its belt. Now I’m no scientist nor do I claim to know more than an esthetician or dermatologist on the matter but it is a product on the market that I’ve come to love. If you have any severe skin issues I highly suggest seeking guidance from professionals before adding actives like this into your routine. Having said that- Vitamin C in skincare has a reputation for benefits including: brightening uneven skin tone, minimizing fine lines, and helping with texture issues. As such it can be seen as great preventive skincare as well as the potential to help reverse any damage.

A little bit about my skin: I have combination sensitive skin and tend to look for skincare that helps maintain glow, treat occasional acne, and get rid of any hyperpigmentation. I don’t normally like to narrow my skin to a “type”, as concerns can change, but for this I thought it could be helpful for anyone wanting to compare notes.

In the past I’ve tried a few different Vitamin C Serums with varying results. Usually I ended up stopping due to increased sensitivity from overuse or plain old irritation. This year however I’ve found not only 1 new favorite but THREE! Yes, three Vitamin C Serums have stolen my heart and I wanted to share them with you. They are varying in concentration, formulation, and frequency of use. I also eased into using each so I could give a fair and honest review–integrating one at a time and trying for at least two months to get a fair assessment. Important to note– make sure to patch test new products and most important always make sure you wear SPF! The following contains mini reviews of each and some affiliate promo codes for you to enjoy them at a discount if you so choose. Here we go!

First off we have BeautyStat Vitamin C Skin Refiner:

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This serum has such a unique and surprising texture with potent results. The formulation by Ron Robinson (Cosmetic Chemist and Founder) is unlike any I have ever tried. Its main ingredients are encapsulated 20% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), EGCG (an active component of Green Tea), Squalane, & Tartaric Acid. Best put on dry clean skin, it feels like you’re placing fresh Vitamin C powder to a cream like finish with it’s slight delicate grit (it’ll make sense once you try it). If layering I suggest easing in to see if it plays well with your other serums-in my case it did beautifully. I received it a few months back and was at the time recovering from some new breakouts with hyperpigmentation I thought would NEVER go away. I am not exaggerating when I say that this showed a visible improvement after only a few days use. I do however find that for the price I want to make it last longer so I only use it once or twice every other week. Named as one of the best Vitamin C Serums by many publications including VOGUE, ALLURE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, and OPRAH MAGAZINE–the serum and the hype around it is real. If you want one of your own buy it here and use code HELLO25 for 25% off and Free Shipping (Thanks Ron!)

Next up I’ve got Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum from Hyper Skin:

To start, this may be the cutest lil Vitamin C that ever was. Oh my goodness. This serum is a sheer gel like texture best applied on clean damp skin. The formulation is 15% Vitamin C and combination of fruit enzymes, bearberry, turmeric, and kojic acid. There is also some salicylic acid which makes it a truly acne fighting serum. The mission of this serum is lighten dark spots, brighten skin, and clear skin. My first impression was that I adored the silky texture and ease of application. Immediately upon first use there was a noticeable glow- which was very much welcomed. Given the presence of its other active ingredients, I did notice a slight purging which cleared up within a few days. It happens. Since it does have the salicylic acid, I use it once a day every other day just to avoid potential irritation. All that said: It is an absolutely great serum that I adore for going that extra mile making me glow. With many 5 star reviews- the demand is high! You can pre-order/buy yours here.

And last but not least is Nolaskinsentials Brightening-C Serum:

Having fallen in love with two other serums, I did not think I had room in my life for another. Alas, this Brightening-C Serum proved me wrong. If you don’t already know, I’m a HUGE fan of Atlanta based brand NOLASKINSENTIALS. I discovered them through the ‘gram in the spring when I was on the hunt for a hydrating mask (a post for another day). After using their masks, I quickly fell in love with the company and integrated more of its products into my routine. They make it especially easy with their free skin consultations which is where they convinced me to give this a try. Brightening-C Serum has 10% Vitamin C and other skin loving ingredients including aloe, hemp oil, jojoba oil and more. The texture is a lovely lotion like serum and feels incredibly nourishing on. I feel safe enough to use this everyday twice a day if I’m not using another Vitamin C. It’s a great maintain serum–the kind that yields beautiful gradual results without any irritation or time to adjust. This is a great one to start if you want to ease into Vitamin Cs and it is available in ‘Try Me’ sizes if you’re afraid of committing to Full Size. Buy yours here

And that’s my first skincare blogging moment! Hope it brightened your day. Have you tried Vitamin C Serums before- If so, what are your favorites?

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