These past few months have taken some getting used to. I know, understatement much. Everyone is finding ways to cope and adapt. Depending on where your head was at in time “pre-pandemic” you may be finding it hard to unwind. I’ve taken various methods to heart. From scheduling my days to finding ways to reconnect and slow down. Self Care is vital now when nothing is exactly what it was and you need to find a calm within. A way to smooth things over.

When I want to smooth things over I break things up into what rituals, items, or ideas bring me back to me. I’ve always been a very sensory person. Smells, tastes, and feel help to ground me. Last year, my therapist helped me to focus on grounding practices. When panic set in I’d refocus on what my tangible senses were picking up. I’d note the things I see, smell, the sounds, and even the taste in the air. She also instructed me to wake up with gratitude and really visualize the day ahead in the brightest light.

Without these exercises I can easily drown. Fall in to a well of worry and lose my ability to just deal with everyday things. So, I started to integrate these practices into everyday rituals. One of my favorites these days is when I am fresh out of the shower and I take my time putting on my body butter. The act of touch, the rich texture and treat–ignite an almost mediative state. Lately my favorite has been from Hanahana Beauty –their Amber Vanilla body Butter. It smells rich and sweet. A sort of sophisticated symphony that brings back memories of baking and travels in my childhood to Belgian chocolate shops. The ingredients are incredibly nourishing too. Featuring a rich blend of butters and oils–my skin has been glowing. The list includes shea butter, cocoa butter, baobab oil, moringa oil, kapok oil, hemp oil, rosehip oil, beeswax, and LOVE. All ingredients suited to bring vibrance through regeneration and protection. So smooth in every way!

Oh I know what you’re thinking but this is actually not a sponsored post. I’m just a huge fan of not only this product but the company and its founder. I’m not alone either! Queen Bey herself listed Abena Boamah’s company in the BLACK PARADE ( A Directory of Black Owned Businesses created and curated by Zerina Akers & Black Owned Everything) . A list I highly recommend looking at. If you’re in a position to treat yourself-make your dollars count where you can by supporting small businesses, black owned business, woman owned businesses —it makes a strong investment into a community that allows them to thrive and expand.

This is just one of the ways I have found to take care of my physical self and take some much needed “me time” . What are your favorite ways to unwind? What everyday rituals could you prolong and find ways to ground with? Once you find them suddenly you’ll find yourself smiling more, I promise.

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