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Seasonal Shine

Though the weather still feels like summer in some parts, Fall is soon upon us. I must admit it is my favorite time of year. Nothing helps shine in a new season like the right candle. My latest collaboration is with my favorite candle company: Twelve21 Candle Studio. They were nice enough to gift me…

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Here we are at the close of 2020 and Holiday Shopping has indeed commenced. When it comes to gifts I think it is most important to consider the intent behind it. I’ve always been struck with gifts that show how much someone pays attention. Whether it be function or a reminder to take care–gifts can…

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Embracing the Little Luxuries

There is so much about the current world that creates noise and leaves little room for anything above basic function. Creating spaces and finding items to feel luxurious about can put us in a mind set of abundance instead of scarcity. My belief is that the more intentional we are with each aspect of our…

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Cleansing Ritual

A major component to any good skincare routine is having a cleanser. Cleansers are a way to dissolve the grime and grit after a long day and can be a great way to unwind. Like a lot of aspects of my self care routines, I’ve made an effort to slow them down and treat them…

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Lighting the Way

As you may have gathered, I’m a very sensory person. Look, touch, feel, taste and sound affect me on another level. It’s something that comes from many parts of who I am. Grounding my senses by focusing on each of them has become a huge part of what keeps me bright in times of darkness.…

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