Asta Paredes, the heart behind DUENDE DARLING

Duende Darling was born out of many ideas searching for a home. Pre-Pandemic lockdown I was in the process of writing my first feature length screenplay in addition to committing to making significant changes for my overall well-being. Both had me deeply exploring my Spanish/Ecuadorian family history and learning how to better my life through physical and spiritual healing.

Though I’ve been writing online and off for years I’m most known for my performative career. You may have seen some of my commercial work for brands like HOME DEPOT and TOYS R US. I’ve also had fun working as a model for LIVING PROOF, DARK BEAUTY MAGAZINE, and plenty more. Most recognize me from my starring roles in Troma Entertainment’s subversive horror comedy ‘Return to Nuke Em High Vol 1 & 2’ and Indie Slasher ,”SOCIOPATHIA“. I’ve also created work of my own over at my production company, Abandoned House Productions, including: The Shadow Scarf , Eros Point: A Story of Undying Love and ‘The Slightest Touch’.  Learn more about my acting/modeling career here: www.astaparedes.com and filmmaking career here: www.abandonedhousepresents.com .

I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my wonderful husband Clay von Carlowitz and my sweet little bunny Gia. We like to have our routines, get festive where we can and mostly dream big. With Duende Darling I seek to share what I’ve learned & loved in life from my favorite skincare routines to powerful mindsets that move me forward in the darkest of times.

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