Duende Darling Holiday Gift Guide 2021

‘Tis the season to reflect on the year and it’s a great time to gift those in our lives that have made the time sweeter. Back by popular demand: here is the Duende Darling Holiday Gift Guide! This year I wanted to focus on some things that have brought me joy. When I find something that brings me joy, my immediate reaction is to share that feeling with others. So if you are still searching for treats for others (or even for yourself ) here are some ideas. As before, some I’ve discovered, some I’ve been gifted, and others I’m affiliated with but all I love. Feel free to use the links and promo codes provided here which help to support this blog and these businesses.

I could always go on and on about skincare. Whether it’s face masks , cleansers, or some fun seasonal essentials–I’ll be sure to keep sharing a variety of what I’m lucky to test and enjoy. Pictured here are some picks that would definitely be a delight to those who are gifted.

The Violette_FR is a brand I fell utterly in love with this year. Know someone who identifies as an effortless cool girl? The Boum-Boum milk is the ultimate French Girl flex. An all-over cream spray that multi-tasks as toner, moisturizer, body lotion, and even hair cream! Yeah. WILD. Key ingredients in this include Fermented Birch Sap, Glacier Water, and Olive Leaf Extract. Most mornings I splash water on my face and spray this followed by some SPF before my morning workout. My skin adores it and it has proven essential for on-the-go moments. The brand also has some truly iconic products worth exploring (The Petal Bouche is such a perfect red lip). Buy Boum-Boum Milk on its own or in the La Magie gift set.

Glow Recipe is one of those brands that is so cute but also so darn goooooood. I was lucky to be gifted their latest launch: the Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream and it is so UNBELIEVEABLE. Aesthetic is obviously gorgeous but the hyaluronic line is truly one of the best. This cream is lightweight and leaves skin feeling balanced, dewy, and extremely hydrated. Bonus: the product is refillable! You can purchase refill pods whenever you need. Get the cream here and if you want to pair it with their Plum Plump HA serum (which I highly suggest) get it here.

Herbivore is a brand I’ve followed for years- especially for their face oils. My favorite is easily the Emerald CBD Deep Moisture Glow oil. Suitable for all skin types, this oil is a great gift for those who want an extra rich treat in their skincare routine. I use this oil on days I most want to pamper and have that lit-from-within look. The oil features Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, and Ashwagandha Root. All of the ingredients in this are great for nourishing skin. Buy this for the person who deserves to shine a bit more than usual here.

Dehiya is a brand I’ve featured time and time again. They really understand that moment between skincare and ritual. As I’m a sensory person I’ve adored discovering all they have to offer. Their AYA Restorative Goddess Mask is a great self care moment in a jar, with adaptogens and herbs that soothe but also hydrate including rose, cacao, turmeric, tremella, and so much more. Just add water and experience soft, revived skin. For the Goddess in your life purchase the mask here.

Paula’s Choice is one of the most reliable brands I’ve ever used. Everything I’ve received from them is effective and impressive. They have been so generous with me over the years and have always been open to answering questions I’ve had on my skincare journey. Their cult classic 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant lives up to the hype. It clears pores over time and makes skin look smoother than I thought possible. This would be the perfect gift for the skincare nerd who’s ready to level up. Even if they already know what it’s all about—they’ll definitely appreciate this as a refill stocking stuffer. Buy one for you and your friend here.

Body care!

Sheer Necessity by Kimmie Jeppson, an actress and philanthropist, is run on love. Every product is packed with care and a portion of proceeds got to charity. This Pumpkin Spiced Chai is really something special for those looking for a seasonal festive experience in the shower. I’ve tried them all and can’t pick a favorite. My skin is brighter and smoother than ever and Sheer Necessity’s scrubs are definitely part of the reason why. Check out this scrub and others here.

Lord Jones is luxury with a capital L. This CBD lotion is absolutely worth every penny and is great for someone who needs to reconnect and de-stress. I was gifted this from the brand and now I do not know how to be without its soothing powers. Get the CBD Lotion here.

Speaking of CBD…taking regular CBD has long been part of my routine and it may be a fun gift for someone you know.

Equilibria is a brand I discovered through Blogger “Pretty Little Fawn” and quickly became a subscriber myself. With a subscription you are given the chance to talk to their Dosage Support and find the best routine for you. Whether it be Softgels, Daily Drops, Gummies or a bath soak– they have a lovely variety. I’ll speak more on this brand and CBD in a later post but I thought it was worth a gift suggestion here too.

Use my referral code REFASTAPAREDES.COM to get $20 off your first order! Order and learn more about CBD here.

Have someone in your life that loves a good book and lives in their loungewear?

Black Spring Books is great for local New Yorkers looking to support local businesses and find special books. This bookshop is also a literary social club that you can find right next door to Henry Miller’s childhood home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Go for the books, stay for the vibes.

PARADE started as a sustainable underwear brand and has now expanded into apparel. Pictured here is the cloud set: wide leg pant in cozy waffle and tank top in cozy waffle. Revive the Work from Home wardrobe, refill the underwear drawers and support social causes all in one go. These comfy wears have given me more comfort, fun and confidence in my body and I think anyone would appreciate getting something from this brand. Use my code ASTAPAREDES for 20% off your first order here.

Want to add some elegance to a friends wardrobe without breaking the bank?

Quince is one of my favorite new discoveries and has become my go-to for everyday elevated staples. The company values sustainability and transparency in their pricing leading them to provide luxurious basics at affordable prices. This silk dress is a great piece that can go from season to season and feels so lovely on. (It’s also priced at 59% below traditional retail.) From silk, cashmere, linen, and more–you can’t go wrong.

Use my referral link for $10 off your first order here.

Have a friend on a fitness journey? Blogilates is one of the most loved Youtube Workout channels run by Cassey Ho. After years of working out at home it meant even more to have her videos during this changed world. The enthusiasm and candor of this brand are really sunshine to me so it’s always a pleasure to support this company. Her line POPFLEX Active and collection at Target have great pieces for every part of a workout. Pictured here are the 10lb weights available in the Blogilates Collection at Target. The rest are available at the official POPFLEX ACTIVE site in a variety of colors and styles. A reusable water bottle because you gotta stay hydrated! The apparel set is from the Basics collection and it’s great for going to the gym in style, running errands, or just BEING. This Yoga mat is game-changing. Made with vegan suede, this mat doesn’t have you slipping and sliding as you sweat through a workout. Use my referral link for $10 off your first order of $30 or more here.

Now what kind of Gift Guide would be complete without some candles?!

If you read my blog you already know I’m obsessed with everything Twelve21 Candle Studio. I think I’ll slowly find a reason to feature every scent possible. So if you want to get a candle for someone, get them from Twelve21 Candle Studio–you won’t regret it. This Christmas Morning is so perfect for the season. I also featured other great festive scents in my Fall Candle post if you want to learn more about those. So if you want to buy a candle for the person who lights up your life go here.

Also pictured is a fun piece (the gold vintage ram box) I discovered from My Astral Provisions. If you want to get a unique gift I highly suggest this seller who curates some truly magical finds. The inventory includes everything from crystals to ritual decor and more worth looking through. Check out her site here.

Looking for a stylish stationery gift? Open Sea Design Co. has an incredible selection of stationery, notepads, journals and more. I’ve used their products for everything from writing spells to to-do lists and journaling it all out–in style. Buy from this Brooklyn seller here.

Well that about wraps up my guide for this year. I hope you find some inspiration for this season and any other time you feel like gifting those around you. May you have a happy holiday season and see you in the new year!

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