Embracing the Little Luxuries

There is so much about the current world that creates noise and leaves little room for anything above basic function. Creating spaces and finding items to feel luxurious about can put us in a mind set of abundance instead of scarcity. My belief is that the more intentional we are with each aspect of our lives, the less room we give to the lower parts of ourselves.

Today, I wanted to focus in on some items from retailers I’ve discovered on Etsy. Through this platform I’ve come to find and connect with artisans of all trades and the process itself has felt so much more unique. Feel free to browse some of my favorite sellers on my Etsy favorites here.

First and foremost I’d love to mention my favorite Etsy retailer: Kalypso Creations. My husband discovered Christina’s work years ago. My first piece from her was a moonstone bridal locket and over the years I’ve gathered quite the collection, inspiring entire outfits, energies and marking life events. It is rare that I’m not wearing one of her creations. I’ve been fortunate to receive custom pieces and collaborate with her over the years too. In this photo set I’m wearing her LETO Black and White Brass Hoop Chandelier Earrings with Howlite Spikes. If you’re interested in vintage-inspired jewelry for a loved one or yourself: use my code ASTA20 for a special discount.

Recently I decided to retire my “pandemic top bun”. The heat and stress of summer lockdown made me realize that maybe I could upgrade in that department. So instead of just putting my hair up in a basic hair tie I’ve elevated to silk scrunchies and adorned hair clips. Pictured in this image set is a Seashell Hair Clip from MADENIE. A simple accessory like this is elevated with the shape and addition of pearl accent. Not gonna lie, these details make me feel like a goddess or starlet. So many of their pieces are absolutely adorable, including butterfly hair clips. I highly suggest checking out their Brooklyn-based shop on Etsy, which is not only reasonably priced but truly great quality. Check them out here.

Those are just a few pieces from a few of my favorite Etsy sellers. What parts of your routine could use luxury? Do you have any Etsy favorites?

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